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Covid 19 Statement


We wish to inform you that our training courses will now be provided online until conditions are deemed safe to return to site based training. The courses are currently being redesigned to suit the new format.  A number of our courses had to be postponed during lockdown. We will shortly be publishing our new time table. If you are booked on one of our postponed courses we will be contacting you individually. If you are booked on a SAI course at a venue other than Ash Cottage contact the host organiser directly. 


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This six day course trains therapists in the use of Sensory Attachment Intervention with adolescents and adults. 


This course introduces Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI). It trains therapists in the use of the Just Right State Programme (JRS) for Adults and Adolescents, and in the use of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Profile Questionnaire. SAI looks at the process of regulation and co-regulation from an integrative and neurosequential perspective.

The Just Right State Programme can be used with individuals, groups or families. It focuses on developing the capacity for self-regulation, co-regulation and reflective functioning. The Just Right State Programme was developed for individuals who struggled to participate in intervention programmes because of their incapacity to regulate their emotional states.
The Autonomic Nervous System Profile Questionnaire is a self-report questionnaire that looks at indicators of stress, survival behaviour responses and self-regulating behaviours.
It is an exploratory tool for use with individuals to help formulate their regulating needs.

Course Handbook includes; assessment tools, and the Just Right State manual and JRS intervention pack.

Entry Requirements

Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists working in LAC, CAMHS  & Forensic Settings.

Online Course

sai Adults & Adolescents

Fully Booked. New dates set for June/July.

Dates: (Part One) 21st-22nd April 2021

            (Part Two) 6th-7th & 20th-21st May 2021

Course Tutors: Éadaoin Bhreathnach, Chris West

                         & Helen Johnson

Fee: £1050 no VAT


Online Course

sai Adults & Adolescents

Extra Course due to demand. Some places available.

Early booking advised.

Dates:  This course is presented over 6 days.
9th,10th & 11th February 2022

23rd, 24th & 25th February 2022

Course Tutors: Éadaoin Bhreathnach & Chris West           Fee: £1050 no VAT


SAI Therapist Clinical Practice Modules

These Clinical Practice Modules will each look at:


  • Key aspects of neurological functioning of the sensory systems;


  • Dr Jean Ayres theory and practice;


  • The impact of developmental trauma and insecure attachment on sensory processing;


  • How clinical practice needs to be trauma informed and adapted.


On completion of each module Therapists will receive a Certificate of Attendance

To obtain a Certificate of Competence for the Postural Control and Praxis Module and for the Tactile Module they will be required to submit a Case Study with video to illustrate clinical competence. To meet fidelity measures a post course submission will be required. Their case study will be reviewed in an individual two-hour zoom session. They will be deemed certified in the clinical area of practice if they successfully meet the case study requirements.  This element incurs an additional fee of £240.

Certification in both modules is required prior to submission of the case study for SAI Level One Certification for Therapists.

Postural Control and Praxis Module 

2021 dates to be announced



This module will include teaching the administration and scoring of the SAI Trauma Informed Clinical Observations.

Tactile Module 


2021 dates to be announced



This module will focus on the use of touch for regulation and co-regulation purposes. 

SAI Fidelity Measures, Clinical Interpretation and Intervention   




2021 dates to be announced

This course will explore the SAI Fidelity Measures, Structure and Process elements required to ensure your practice is consistent with the SAI philosophy and therapeutic principles. It will use case studies to bring together theory and practice. Participants will shown how to chart, interpret and document assessment findings and learn the principles of intervention planning when working in multidisciplinary environments e.g. schools, residential settings.

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Please only pay a deposit once you have received confirmation you have a place.