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The SAI training pathway is designed to enable professionals to translate complex theoretical constructs into applied everyday practice.  It is also aimed at helping professionals keep apace with new developments in the fields of Developmental Trauma, Sensory Processing, and Attachment. 

There are two training pathways; one; The Therapists Pathway; for Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, the other; The Practitioners Pathway; for all other practitioners with a Primary Degree qualification working in Health, Social Care, or Education, e.g. Speech & Language Therapists, Play Therapists, Social Workers, Teachers, Psychologists.

Pathway for Therapists

(Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists)

Foundation Courses 

Intro to SAI 


SAI for Adults & Adolescents

(to progress further in the pathway you must complete one of the certified attachment courses listed below*)


Just Right State for Children and Parents

(optional course, not required to progress to the Therapists Modules)


Therapists Modules

A Trauma Informed Approach to Postural Control and Praxis


A Trauma Informed Approach to Touch

Use of SAI Assessment and Clinical Formulation Tools, For therapists

The SAI Fidelity Measure


SAI Level One Certification for Therapists

SAI Level Two Certification for Therapists

* 'Attachment: Parent Child Relationships: An Integrative Response to Assessment and Intervention' with Attachment Works 

Or ​

Any of the Dynamic-Maturational Model (DMM) courses. See the Family Relations Institute for details.


‘Child Attachment & Play Assessment’ Module 1, with CAPA.   See

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