Regulating Gardens


A regulating garden is a place where you can achieve your just right state.

It provides spaces that soothe and comfort, uplift, energise, enable meditation, reflection and connection with others. This concept was developed in 2009 by Irish Occupational Therapist Éadaoin Bhreathnach. She developed her regulating gardens at her treatment centre at Ash Cottage to provide for the sensory and attachment needs of children, young people, and adults who had experienced attachment trauma. The core purpose of the gardens was to enable the process of self regulation and co-regulation. Her trauma model Sensory Attachment Intervention looks at regulation in terms of: physiological regulation, responsiveness to others and the environment, interpretation of sensory and attachment experiences and the capacity to be adaptive, creative and exploratory. 


Coming in 2021 

Creating Regulating Gardens

Enabling Self-Regulation & Co-Regulation in Garden Spaces. 

This online course is for professionals working in the fields of Health, Education. Social Care & Forensics, who wish to incorporate the use of garden spaces to enable the process of self-regulation. It will look at the SAI levels of self-regulation, how to inhibit the stress responses, activate exploration and social engagement. Course materials will include templates to guide the intervention process. 


Week One

The Concept of Regulating Gardens, its inception at Ash Cottage (2009).

Sensory-Attachment Levels of Self-Regulation.

Group Discussion on Self-Regulation.


Week Two

Passive Assimilation. 

Spaces to soothe & comfort.

Active Participation. 

Spaces for:

 - Up Regulation.

 - Down Regulation.


Week Three

Social Engagement.

Spaces to co-regulate.

Dyadic and group regulation.


Week Four

Discrimination. Noticing Details, Similarities & Differences.

Exploration, Organising, Planning, Making. 


Week Five

Reflection Spaces.



Myths & Legends.


Cost £225Digital course handbook provided. Certificate of Attendance issued.


We will announce when this course is open for booking later in 2021


To become a Certified Regulating Gardens Practitioner:

Submission of a Case Study using regulating-sequential principles.

Case study requirements will be discussed on the course. 


Cost of Certification: £150 includes 1:1 two-hour session with course trainer and review of treatment charts.