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The Just Right State 

We recommend attending training at Ash Cottage and its regulating garden spaces to fully experience the

different elements of the SAI Model.


This 4 day course will train Professionals in the use of The Just Right State Children's Programme and Parents Programme.

​The Just Right State Children's Programme

The Just Right State programme looks at the use of sensory activities and foods, to help children learn how to self regulate their emotional states and behaviour. It also uses cartoon characters called 'The Scared Gang' which represents the different survival and attachment patterns of behaviour. The different characters tell the children how they react to situations and what each of them does to achieve the "just-right state". The goal of the programme is to enable children become more emotionally aware of themselves and of others, to give them simple tools to enable them to self regulate and achieve the just right state, whether it is to engage in academic learning, interacting with their peers, or to be able to get a good night's sleep. This programme can be done with individual children and their key worker or caregiver, in small groups of four to six, or can be done with the whole class in schools. Sessions last for for one hour fifteen minutes once a week.​​

The Just Right State Parents' Programme

Parents learn how to regulate their child from sensory and attachment perspectives. The aim of the programme is to enhance parents' awareness of their own engagement patterns and how this impacts on their child's emotional states. It also addresses the underlying reasons for behaviours. Parents first complete a sensory-attachment profile questionnaire that looks at the survival, sensory, and attachment behaviours of their child. They learn about; the different levels of self- regulation (physiological, sensory, emotional, and cognitive); the regulating effects of food and activities; and how to create an enriched environment that is tailor made both for them and their child's sensory-attachment needs.

Parents of the children attending the JRS programme meet together for two hours once a week for six weeks. It runs in parallel to their children's programme.

The children's facilitators also lead the parents' programme.

Entry requirement:

Participants must have either completed Intro to SAI Foundation Course or SAI for Adults and Adolescents Course plus an accredited Attachment Course: 'Attachment: Parent Child Relationships: An Integrative Response to Assessment and Intervention' with Attachment Works  or any of the Dynamic-Maturational Model (DMM) courses or ‘Child Attachment & Play Assessment’ Module 1, with CAPA.  

For more information and the course timetable download our flyer here

For any enquiries please contact:

To book a place on a course please contact:

We strongly recommend where possible that you choose the hybrid version of this training because of the experiential nature of the course materials. It enriches the learning experience and you enjoy the 

the benefits of socially engaging and networking with other course participants during meal and break times. 


"Great venue, the garden is amazing and very relevant to the course information e.g. regulation."

"Excellent love the practical elements and the nurturing environment of the cottage."


"The venue was total bliss!"


"Fantastic hospitality and extremely high level of content."


"Preferred the in-person training, my learning style doesn’t work with online training."

Course Dates

Hybrid Courses
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FULLY BOOKED: Reserve list open.


(Part One) 6th  - 7th June 2024 ON SITE at Ash Cottage

(Part Two) 13th -14th June 2024 ONLINE


(Part One) Ash Cottage, Ballynahinch, N.Ireland &

(Part Two) Online

Course Organiser: SAI Clinic

Capacity: 12

Fee: £1075 no VAT

To book contact:

Online Courses



Dates: (Part One) 17th & 18th October 2024

            (Part Two) 24th & 25th October 2024

Course Organiser: Inspire Me Events

Capacity: 16

Fee: £975 plus VAT

To book contact:

Click for more info and the course timetable 


"One of the best courses I have been on. Light bulbs moments everywhere!"


"Enjoyed the training from start to finish. Really enjoyed the “down to earth” and easily understood approach to learning."


"Fantastic! Lots of learning mixed with fun, practical activities."


"I can see how I will use this to inform teachers and develop PEPS for Looked After Children."


"The experience was really enlightening- it really developed my understanding of sensory attachment processing and helped me to understand how nuanced and complex it is."

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