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SAI Australian Courses

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On Site

Open for Booking

Dates: 5th-7th August  2024

Venue: Treacy Centre, 126 The Avenue, Parkville

Victoria 3052, Australia

Course Tutors: Chris West & Angela Tieman

Fee: $1500

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The Impact of Developmental Trauma and Insecure Attachment on Sensory Processing. 

This three-day course will look at the theories that provide the framework for SAI. Emphasis will be on the impact of trauma on sensory processing, and on the capacity for self and co-regulation.


Participants will learn the neurosequential approach to intervention; that is, when it is most effective to use interventions such as narrative work, play therapy, and education.


They will learn the principles of up-regulation and down-regulation to enable physiological adaptation for social engagement and academic learning.

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Introduction to SAI

SAI for Adults & Adolescents

This course trains therapists in the use of Sensory Attachment Intervention with adults and adolescents. 

This course introduces Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI). It trains therapists in the use of the Just Right State Programme (JRS) for Adults and Adolescents, and in the use of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Profile Questionnaire. SAI looks at the process of regulation and co-regulation from an integrative and neurosequential perspective.

The Just Right State Programme can be used with individuals, groups or families. It focuses on developing the capacity for self-regulation, co-regulation and reflective functioning. The Just Right State Programme was developed for individuals who struggled to participate in intervention programmes because of their incapacity to regulate their emotional states.The Autonomic Nervous System Profile Questionnaire is a self-report questionnaire that looks at indicators of stress, survival behaviour responses and self-regulating behaviours.It is an exploratory tool for use with individuals to help formulate their regulating needs.

Course Handbook includes; assessment tools, and the Just Right State manual and JRS intervention pack.

Entry Requirements

Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists working in LAC, CAMHS  or Forensic Mental Health Services.

OTs and Physios may do the SAI for Adults and Adolescents instead of the 3-day Introduction to SAI.

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