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An Introduction to Sensory Attachment Intervention

A practical step-by-step guide to this integrative and neurosequential model. Illustrated with photographs and video examples of case studies. Topics will include: the timing and choice of interventions for insecure avoidant and insecure ambivalent children, Enriched Environment Provision, and defining the term safe space in the context of current assessments and interventions.

On this day you will:


◊  Learn about the four levels of self-regulation.


◊  Differentiate between behaviours that are sensory based from behaviours that are attachment based.


◊  Creating an Enriched Environment in the Home and Clinic Settings.


◊  Understand the core fears of insecure children and how it informs our practice.


Dates: 12th October 2018


Venue: The Three Swans Hotel, Market Harborough

Course Tutor: Éadaoin Bhreathnach

Fee: £125


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Sensory Attachment Intervention and
the Meaning of the Child:

Collaboration and Cross-Fertilisation

The MotC is now an integrated part of SAI training, and equally, insights from SAI and Sensory Integration theory are leading to developments in understanding the basis of differing patterns observed in the MotC.
This workshop will present case studies, exploring the use of the MotC in Sensory Attachment Intervention, including examining (and coding) MotC transcripts and/or excerpts, illustrated with video clips of work with families. Presentation and discussion will explore:


◊    The foundation of Motc patterns of caregiving in the 

      ability of the parent to regulate themselves, around

      caregiving and the nuture and protection of the child

◊    The abilty of the MotC to inform Sensory

      Attachment work with both parents and children

◊    The use of SAI as an intervention in caregiving

◊    Questions for future discussion and research


Dates: 16th November 2018


Venue: St. John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge

Fee: £60


Please contact Dr Ben Grey or Juliet Kesteven
( to obtain further details and book a place.

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