SAI Foundation Module 

Part One & Two

Covid 19 Statement


We wish to inform you that our training courses will now be provided online until conditions are deemed safe to return to site based training. The courses are currently being redesigned to suit the new format.  A number of our courses had to be postponed during lockdown. We will shortly be publishing our new time table. If you are booked on one of our postponed courses we will be contacting you individually. If you are booked on a SAI course at a venue other than Ash Cottage contact the host organiser directly. 


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The foundation module is taught in two parts. Each part is also a stand-alone course and can be done in any order.

Both parts have to be completed before proceeding on the training pathway and attending other SAI courses. This course is open to all Therapists and Practitioners with an undergraduate degree in Health, Social Care or Education.

Part One
Introduction to SAI: The Impact of Developmental Trauma and Insecure Attachment on Sensory Processing.    



This three-day course will look at the theories that provide the framework for SAI. Emphasis will be on the impact of trauma on sensory processing, and on the capacity for self and co-regulation.


Participants will learn the neurosequential approach to intervention; that is, when it is most effective to use interventions such as narrative work, play therapy, and education.


They will learn the principles of up-regulation and down-regulation to enable physiological adaptation for social engagement and academic learning.

Part Two
Attachment: Parent child Relationships: An Integrative Approach to Assessment and Intervention*


This three-day course aims to examine contemporary attachment theory in the context of other theories. The focus will be on enabling participants to explore the ways in which an attachment lens can inform our understanding of parent/child interactions and family dynamics with a view to formulating more effective interventions.


*Exemptions: attendance at the 'Part Two: Attachment Parent Child Relationships: An Integrative Approach to Assessment and Intervention' course is not required if you have attended Crittenden’s Attachment & Pathology Course or are trained in the use of assessment tools using the DMM model.

Part One Courses

Part Two Courses


Open for Booking

​Course: Part One: Introduction to SAI

Dates:  28th, 29th & 30th April 2021​ 


Venue: Online

Course Tutor: Éadaoin Bhreathnach

Course Organiser: Jump Start Centre

Fee: £525 no VAT

To book a place please email




Some places available

​Course: Part One: Introduction to SAI

Dates:  30th June-1st-2nd July 2021


Venue: The Three Swans Hotel, Market Harborough: OR on-line.

Course Tutor: To Be Confirmed

Course Organiser: Inspire Me Events

Fee: £525 + VAT

To book a place please visit the Inspire Me Events website below.


RE-SCHEDULED Online Course

2nd - 4th December 2020


Reserve list available

​Course: Part One: Introduction to SAI


Dates:  previously scheduled for 22nd, 23rd, 24th April 2020​ 


Venue: Ash Cottage, Ballynahinch

Course Tutor: Éadaoin Bhreathnach

Fee: £525 no VAT

To book a place contact:

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Re-scheduled: Fully Booked.

​Course: Part Two: Attachment

Dates:  8th-9th-10th December 2020​ 


Venue: On-Line

Course Tutor: Helen Johnson

Fee: £450 no VAT

To book a place contact:


Re-Scheduled: A few places still available

​Course: Part Two: Attachment

Dates:  5th-6th-7th January 2021 


Venue: On Line.

Course Tutor: Helen Johnson

Fee: £450 + VAT

To book a place please click on the button below



​Course: Part Two: Attachment

Dates:  15th, 16th & 17th September 2020​ 


Venue: Derbyshire, Venue TBC

Course Tutor: Helen Johnson

Fee: £450 + VAT

To book a place please email Helen at

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All Part Two: Attachment Course will now be held online.

Book directly with Attachment Works.

For dates and availability please contact Helen Johnson at: 

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Please only pay a deposit once you have received confirmation you have a place.